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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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What Is The Best iPod For Kids?

January 29, 2013 | 1 Children as young as 12 months old may know more about operating electronic devices than some adults. Today, children are growing up in an age where technology is booming and is a natural part of their lives. One of the most popular electronic devices among the very youngest children is Apple’s iPod. With so many choices now available on the market, how do you know what is best for kids? Well, it depends on the intended use (and of course the child’s age). iPod Shuffle The main use of the Apple Read more [...]

iPods Must Be Worn

October 11, 2012 | This amazing prank sign was allegedly spotted on London’s Underground. It’s fantastic. Familiar enough that most won’t notice it, yet sharp and on-point enough that if you do spot it, you’ll find it hilarious. Like all the best parodies. [Source: Buzzfeed] Read more [...]

RHA MA450i Headphone

October 10, 2012 |   RHA launched their latest RHA MA450i noise isolating earphones in Apple Stores across America in last week. These earphones have the ability to provide quality sounds to the users at a reasonable price. RHA MA450i noise isolating earphones are machined from aircraft grade aluminum in order to provide an excellent quality sound. They are available in two colors as black and white, so you can choose your favorite color from those two. Each pair comes with a set of seven silicon ear-tips Read more [...]

The End of a Era – Death of the iPod Socks

September 26, 2012 | iPod Socks, a cloth accessory that Apple has sold for years to protect its portable music players, have been removed from the company's online store. We where alerted to the disappearance of the product on Wednesday. It's unclear exactly when the product was removed from the Apple Store, however a Google search still returns a link to Apple's online store as the first result. The iPod Socks were first introduced by Apple in 2004. They came in a pack of six colorful sleeves that were meant Read more [...]

Great iOS Audio App’s

July 27, 2012 | Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices all come with a standard music playing application already installed at the time of purchase. This app, referred to as simply “Music” on all three devices, manages all of your songs, podcasts and audiobooks. However, many people might not realize that there are actually a number of third party applications in the iTunes App Store that can also fill this role. These third party applications can add new features, change the interface or generally just Read more [...]

Notes and Reminders added to with iOS 6, possibly

May 13, 2012 | 1 Several rumors have been flying around about the mysterious portal, which now has two new icons in the background, Notes and Reminders. The regular portal shows icons only for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, and iWork, however two more icons have appeared at the portal: Notes and Reminders. At this time log in attempts through the portal are unsuccessful, and sometimes the portal goes down, showing broken images or just redirecting to Read more [...]

Adding Photos to iPod Nano

May 4, 2012 | 1 Syncing Photos from a Mac To sync photos from iPhoto or a folder on your Mac: Connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes. Select your iPod in the DEVICES section of the iTunes Source list. In the main iTunes browser window, select the Photos tab. Select the checkbox labeled "Sync photos from" and then choose either iPhoto, Aperture, Choose Folder, orPictures, from the menu. If you choose iPhoto, select "All photos and albums" to copy all of your photos in iPhoto, or "Selected Read more [...]

iOS in Corporate America

March 3, 2012 | 1 Introducing iOS  Apple Inc's iPhone operating system (iOS) is sweeping the globe one person or one company at a time. The mobile operating system combines a personal computer's characteristics with that of the contemporary cell phone. Its features include, but aren't limited to, speech recognition, touchscreen, GPS navigation, WiFi, video display, personal digital assistant, and music player. Once known as iPhone OS, iOS no longer solely supports the iPhone. Its features have now been embedded Read more [...]

Find My Friends and Siri

February 20, 2012 |

If you use Find My Friends, you can ask Siri to locate your friends for you.

Simply say ‘find my friends’ to locate friends near you. You can also ask for friends by name, saying ‘find [friend name].’ This also works with relationships, like ‘find my wife.’ Read More

Hard drive Issues With iPod Classic

February 20, 2012 | If you are a frustrated iPod Classic owner, this article is for you. iPods don’t always behave the way we want them to. If your iPod is behaving funnily and you have tried everything possible to repair it (Reset, Restart, Re-Sync), without success then a software reinstallation might help your case. Software re-installation is an extreme measure that you should resort to only if nothing else sets your iPod right. You will have to erase your iPod for successful reinstallation. It is therefore Read more [...]