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Geeks Union | December 16, 2017

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iPad Mini

A Guide To The New Apple EarPods

February 18, 2013 | 5 Everybody knows that the design and quality of earphones or headphones really matters when it comes to how good your music is going to sound. This is why many brand name earphone manufacturers spend lots of time and money into research for producing the best accessories possible to go with music-based products and cellphones. Apple is no different, and their latest release is the EarPods, which accompanied the release of the iPhone 5. It's important to note here that, due to the popularity of Read more [...]

Apple’s New Lightning Cable

December 5, 2012 | 1 Although it is often difficult to make a new cable connector catch on, Apple is giving it their best effort. Apple, which has already sold more than 400 million iPhones, has some clout when it comes to breaking through common technology barriers. Therefore, most likely the Lightning connector, which debut with the iPhone 5, will be a hit. What is the Lightning connector? This cable replaces the 30-pin connector used by Apple since 2003. The Lightning connector has a USB connection on one end, Read more [...]

Apple iPad mini Overview

December 1, 2012 | The Apple iPad revolutionized tablets in America, and was a major factor in raising tablet’s popularity level to where it’s at today. However some neigh sayers of the iPad complained that at ten inches the iPad is too big, and awkward to hold with one hand. Advocates of this thought process had largely turned to alternative smaller tablets that run Android. When Apple released the iPad mini they officially responded to the small tablet market who had initially ran from the iPad. Many analysts Read more [...]

The iPad mini Review

November 12, 2012 | I was in an airplane this June, flying towards San Francisco, a six-hour flight from Birmingham, en route to a design expo. On either side of me were developers and executives also flying to San Francisco for Googleʼs I/O conference. Twenty minutes into it we all pulled out iPads, and thatʼs when the problems started-since most airplanes were designed in the seventies and eighties, they didnʼt think bout what if someone had a touchscreen device on those pop-out trays. The iPad fit on them Read more [...]

Access International Keyboards Quickly

November 11, 2012 | Did you know you can access all of your international keyboards with a single tap and hold? Just tap and hold on the international keyboard switcher next to your spacebar and a quick select menu will pop up to select which keyboard you would like to switch to. It's that easy!   Read more [...]

Apple Begins Running iPad Mini ‘Piano’ TV Ad

November 3, 2012 |

With the launch of the iPad mini today, Apple has started running a new television ad for the device that it showed off during the media event last week. The ad — entitled ‘Piano’ — doesn’t have any voiceover; instead, it shows GarageBand running on the full-size iPad playing one hand of the two-hand duet from ‘Heart and Soul’. The song is an easy-to-learn piece popular with beginner pianists. Moments later, the iPad mini appears, playing the second part of the duet.

iPad Mini installed into dashboard of car

November 2, 2012 |

The iPad mini has only been on sale for hours, however Soundwaves of Tampa has already installed a iPad mini in a Toyota Corolla.

Soundwaves of Tampa is the first to install a iPad Mini into a dash of a car. Please check us out and build pics at

Cosmonaut Stylus by Studio Neat

November 2, 2012 | The great thing about capacitative touch screens is that no stylus is required. But if you’re using an application that involves writing or drawing, sometimes your fingers aren’t the best tools for the job. If you use such applications on a regular basis, you’ll want to invest in a good stylus. The Cosmonaut by Studio Neat isn’t your average stylus. Most styli look and feel like an ink pen, but this one more closely resembles one of those fat crayons we used in kindergarten. Combined with Read more [...]

The New Apple iPad mini

October 23, 2012 | The new Apple iPad mini has just been released. With the original iPad having been launched in spring 2010 this new version of the iPad will ship on November 2, 2012. The idea of the Apple iPad mini is a concentration not a reduction of the existing specifications that exists in the iPad models. With over 1 million sales of the existing iPad Apple has certainly gotten the format correct and wants to offer this same sort of appeal on a smaller scale. While many other companies have many tablets Read more [...]

October 23 Apple Media Event Highlights

October 23, 2012 | Apple’s much-anticipated media event has come and gone. For the most part, the rumors we reported last week held true, but there was one big surprise. Here’s the condensed version: The iPhone 5 is officially the fastest selling mobile phone in history. Over 5 million were sold in its first weekend. The new version of the iBooks app was announced. Highlights include continuous scrolling and the ability to highlight and share passages via Twitter and Facebook. The MacBook Pro will be available Read more [...]