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Geeks Union | December 15, 2017

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What Is The Best iPod For Kids?

What Is The Best iPod For Kids?
Geeks Union

Children as young as 12 months old may know more about operating electronic devices than some adults. Today, children are growing up in an age where technology is booming and is a natural part of their lives. One of the most popular electronic devices among the very youngest children is Apple’s iPod. With so many choices now available on the market, how do you know what is best for kids? Well, it depends on the intended use (and of course the child’s age).

iPod Shuffle

The main use of the Apple iPod is to listen to music. The iPods come in various sizes and offer a multitude of operations, but the most popular model for simple enjoyment of music is the iPod Shuffle. This is the smallest of the iPods and can hold up to 100 songs, but that’s it.

At a low cost of approximately $50, this is great for teenagers and adults, and makes a good affordable player for kids. However, note that there are absolutely no extras on this device – not even a screen for displaying details about the songs (Apple has a feature that will tell you the song details through your earphones).

iPod Touch

With a four inch retina display, the iPod Touch is great for playing games and taking and watching videos, as well as listening to music. Kids will no doubt love a device that not only lets them listen to music, but also includes games and other apps. The touchscreen is also very intuitive to use.

The potential downside, of course, is that kids can access the internet, or play on games that aren’t appropriate for their age. Luckily, there are parental control settings available, and many games can be educational as well as fun.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is another very popular option for kids. It can’t do as much as the Touch, but it’s a lot cheaper, and will allow for more visual entertainment (in the form of videos) than the more basic iPod Shuffle.

iPod Classic

The iPod Classic has the same viewing area as the iPod Nano. It’s great for playing music, watching videos, watching television shows, and listening to audiobooks. This is an appropriate option for both young and older children.

It’s a lot more expensive than the iPod Nano due to the fact that it comes with the biggest storage space of all the iPods. This makes it perfect for children who really love storing a lot of video and music content, but otherwise you may be better off saving your cash and opting for a Nano instead.

Bottom line in my opinion the iPod Touch is best. Simply due to the app store and all the educational apps (and the App Store “Apps for Kids” section (opens in iTunes)  you will find there.


Thanks for a clear and concise rundown of each. I was hoping that you'd just say, "Buy this one," but at least now I have some information to help with the decision.