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Geeks Union | February 27, 2017

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The M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case [Review]

The M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case [Review]
Geeks Union

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The M80 dual guitar case is perfect for any type of player, and offers all the protection, utility, and ease anyone could ask for!

The M80 dual electric guitar case! Hands down the most efficient, comfortable, and cool looking guitar case there is on the market. Made with high-end materials and military specs, this case will handle any abrasive element on the outside. It has plush lining, the beautiful custom finish of your prize possession will be pampered while you face the snow, rain, and other hazardous elements to your guitar.

The M80 case is great for anyone. From a part time weekend player, to the full-time touring musician, this case caters to every need!

Dimensions and weight.
41.5″ long, and 6.1″ wide at the headstock, and 14.5″ wide at the base.
You can fit all standard bodied guitars including Les Paul, Tele/Strat, or PRS!
Weighing in at just over 7 lbs. (118 oz. to be exact).

For years I have used a standard hard case with my guitars, It was not the best, being I travel full time.

The M80 also boasts extra features including one large pouch with a dual zipper big enough to hold multiple cables, music books, power supplies, and clothes if need be. As a traveling musician that last one always comes in handy! In addition to the large pouch, there is a smaller pouch with dual zippers in front of the headstock. The smaller pouch is perfect for strings, pics, phone charger, wallet, keys, and even your in-ear case. Lastly, the patented  ”Headlock” system. The headlock straps down your guitar’s neck, suspending the headstock to insure maximum protection for your neck, and tuning pegs – brilliant!

If you are searching for the next level of protection for you gear, I encourage you to get Mono Case!

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