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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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The Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote
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The remote works flawlessly with HDTVs, DVDs, DVRs and Blu-Ray systems.

The Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote is a remote that has an intuitive color touch screen that allows you to swipe and tap your way to favorite activities such as the ability to watch TV or play games. In addition, it enables you to customize your device and re-order up to 50 favorite channel icons right on the remote. This remote further has a sleek and an ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels. The remote has adaptable features that best suit the user’s environment and also some added capabilities that provide for added advantage over other remotes.

With a major variation in functionality, the Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote has specifications that are; It has a 3.5 inch touch screen and requires an output voltage of 3.5 volts as well as the current capacity of 950mAh.  Its color is black and it supports three transmitter applications.

Benefits of the device:

  1. Wide compatibility with devices

Logitech is committed to ensuring the uniqueness as well as progress in the ever-changing home entertainment landscape and thus the Harmony line ensures for compatibility with over 225,000 home entertainment devices giving quality assurance of its functionality.

  1. Provides for the simplicity of operation

The Logitech Harmony remote provides for the specific needs of different users and therefore caters for them in a special way and further simplifies the operations performed by the users through its extended functionality and technology.

  1. Easier set-up of Logitech Harmony

Unlike other remotes, Logitech Harmony makes sure that the user no longer has the need to punch in a code and, instead, the user just needs to connect it to the PC or to the Mac. In addition, it has online setup software that does the hard work for the user and therefore simplifies the work for you!

  1. Flawlessness and fast transmission

The remote works flawlessly with HDTVs, DVDs, DVRs and Blu-Ray systems. This means that you only have to set it up once and then you can just sit back knowing that you now have control over all of the major devices in your living room.

Moreover, it has a solid construction and its buttons have a quality feel and further allows fast transmission of commands. Sometimes, though, it’s nice just to know that you have a quality product in your hands because of the way that it has been put together.

Other than the above explained positive features of the Logitech Harmony it has some advantages and these are;

  1. Though it operates at a very high speed, the remote sometimes jumps down 10 or 20 channels when you press the down arrow only once quickly and let go. This is contrary to what is expected as it is only expected to move up or down one step at a time.
  2. Though it is expected to operate multiple devices at a time, during turn OFF or during turn ON, not all the devices may respond correctly if the targeted button is not properly aimed and this therefore acts as a major setback in the operations of this remote

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This is one fancy looking remote! I like it. I'm all about universal remotes. Like Geronimo pointed out, it's a pain having countless remotes lying about. Much easier to just run everything through one!


We have so many different electronic devices in our house that it's ridiculous, and with all of those devices come ten thousand remotes... or at least that's what it feels like! I'm a big fan of the Logitech brand name so I might have to buy one of these. It would be really nice to sync it to all the devices in the living room and only have one remote instead of the five or six we currently have!