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Geeks Union | June 25, 2017

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Pebble Watch Starts Mass Production

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Less than a year ago the Pebble Watch was relatively unknown. It was nothing but ‘another project’ on the website Kickstarter. However, that small project quickly turned into the largest project that has ever gone through Kickstarter earning a whopping $10 million in donations. This of course made the appearance at the 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show one of the hottest events in town.

During CES 2013 the CEO of the company, Eric Migicovsky announced that the Pebble has now started mass production. This means that the first people who backed the Pebble would receive the watch a short while after January 23rd. It would take up to eight weeks to get the rest of them shipped out to the other backers. This means that the manufacturing processes that the company has in place has the ability to produce around 15,000 Pebble Watches per week.

As mentioned previously, this device first appeared on Kickstarter where it managed to achieve $10 million in donations. It was aiming to sell 85,000 watches and all of them went pretty quickly. It now holds the record for the most amount of donations ever received through Kickstarter, and this isn’t a record that is going to be beaten soon with the previous record being a rather paltry (in comparison) sum of $3.3 million.

So what is the Pebble? Well, it is a rather beautiful looking watch which has a stunning display. As standard within the device is a vibrator and a three-axis accelerometer. However, what is regarded as the best feature is the support for Bluetooth 4.0. This support means that it is able to receive updates for the device wirelessly from an iPhone or an Android Device. There are a lot of updates being planned with a number of applications to extend the functionality of the Pebble coming in the future too.

The life of the battery is a lengthy seven days and can be recharged using a magnetic charging cable. The idea behind the magnetic charge cable is to ensure that the device stays waterproof. In addition to everything about, the device also has a scratch-resistant lens as well as sensor for ambient light.

One of the unique features of the Pebble however is just how open the system is. In fact, many developers have started to take note of the Pebble Watch. For example, companies will be able to push notifications directly to the watch. Whilst no SDK is currently available for developers, the company ensures us that one for creating third-party apps is in development and should be launched soon. It is currently in beta and is being tested by hand-selected developers.

One of the things that sets the Pebble apart from other watches is the fact that it has a number of mobile apps which can be paired with it. These apps allow the user of the Pebble to modify the face of the watch.

In addition to this, the Pebble is able to notify you as to whether you have an incoming email or call (highly useful, trust me!)

One of the most eagerly anticipated features of the Pebble Watch is the company’s partnership with Runkeeper. The aim of this partnership is to create a device which rivals the Nike+. Whilst this isn’t in the first version of the Pebble, the company promises that updates will be made every two to three weeks and these updates won’t stop until all of the features promised at the start are released for the watch.

Pre-Order one here:

We have reached out to Pebble about getting a Pebble to review we will let you know if we can get one.