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Geeks Union | December 15, 2017

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Crown XLS2500 DriveCore Power Amp Review

Crown XLS2500 DriveCore Power Amp Review
Geeks Union

Review Overview


This portable solution is perfect for any event where you have a portable PA system in place. Purchase this, and it will be one of the last portable amplifiers that you will ever need.

If you have any knowledge about amplifiers for Portable PA Systems then you will know that any of the products from the Crown XLS series are some of the most highly regarded in the industry. This of course means that the Crown XLS2500 had a lot to live up to, has it managed to it or has it fallen by the wayside? Let’s take a little look.

One of the greatest features of the XLS2500 is just how portable it is. It weight under 12 pounds, compare this to its competitors that weight 40 pounds and you have a portable amplifier that is even easier to move from gig to gig. In my opinion this is one of the most portable amplifiers available on the market nowadays.

One of the biggest problems with Class D amplifiers that despite their incredibly high efficiency, as soon as you plug them into an unstable AC line you are going to run into problems. This is why Crown have integrated ‘DriveCore Technology’ into their XLS2500 set up. The IC chip in this device is the culmination of 60 years of hard work. This chip has a massive tolerance level which enables you to combat those nuances in dodgy places with unstable electrics.

In addition to this, the Crown XLS2500 includes an Advanced Switched-Mode Power Supply. This power supply is designed especially for optimizing the power transfer from the AC supply to the output stage. This system helps to reduce the weight of the device, and that of course helps the XLS2500 portable amplifier be one of the most portable in its class.

I won’t go into too much depth here, but the addition of the PureBand Crossover System makes this one of the most versatile amplifiers on the market. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a device come close to the flexibility this one offers. The sound is just so incredibly smooth when switching between high and low drivers. It really is something which needs to be heard to be believed. Everything here can be completely customized intuitively from the inbuilt LCD panel.

I have saved the best feature until last however. This is the addition of PeakX Limiters. This is based on an algorithm which has been designed especially for this particular device. This ultimately means that the sound is crystal clear when it comes out. You will notice less distortion and less audible artefacts. The speakers also remain safe as there is going to be no huge supply of power being delivered to them. These limiters can easily be turned on or off.

This isn’t half of the features that the Crown XLS2500 boasts. There is so much more packed into this small shell delivering superb sound quality time and time again. To cap it off, browsing through all of the features is incredibly intuitive, so even the most amateur sound technician should be able to deliver top of the range sound time and time again.

So is the Crown XLS2500 worth a purchase? Of course it is. This portable solution is perfect for any event where you have a portable PA system in place. Purchase this, and it will be one of the last portable amplifiers that you will ever need.


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I wonder what this is retailing for. As someone who spends at least two weekends a month as unofficial roadie for my brother's band I'd willingly chip in for such a lightweight amp!


I love the big sound that you get from small devices these days. Not all of it is great, however. I will say that this review has me very interested in the Crown XLS2500 DriveCore power amp. If this is a review of only half of the goodies, I'd like to know what else it does!


After reading this very detailed review, I'll be sending a friend of mine over here later.  He's been trying to put together a good portable PA system, and he said he's having difficulties finding an amp that is lightweight, but powerful and stable.  Sounds like this is just what he's looking for.