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Geeks Union | December 15, 2017

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Apple iPod Touch 32GB (5th Generation) Review

Apple iPod Touch 32GB (5th Generation) Review
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It’s a wonderful device that’s guaranteed to give a great experience.

The iPod Touch 5th generation is the most recent touch-interface iPod from Apple. Its previous incarnation, the iPod Touch 4th generation, was a bestseller and has remained popular to this day. In fact, many people are still buying it now, even with the 5th generation version available. The 5th generation version does offer an upgrade over the 4th generation, but is this enough to make it worth buying? To find out, keep reading.

Key Specs For The Apple iPod Touch 32GB (5th Generation)

RRP: $299-$399
Release Year: 2012
Size: 4.86 x 2.31 x 0.24 inches
Weight: 3.10 ounces
Display Size: 4 Inches
Storage Size: 32GB-64GB
Song Capacity: 8,000
Battery Life (Video): Up to 8 Hours
Battery Life (Audio): Up to 40 Hours
App Store? Yes

Apple iPod Touch 32GB: The Pros

Fast: The most noticeable difference in the user experience between the 4th generation Touch and the 5th generation Touch is the speed of the device. The 5th generation really whizzes along, and the difference can clearly be felt. Not only do apps and games load more quickly and run more smoothly, but menu navigation is much better too.

4” Screen: The most obvious difference between the 4th generation and 5th generation touch is the screen size. This is noticeable from the moment you set eyes on the device, and only grows more obvious once you start using it. The increased screen means more menu space – that translates as better menu navigation.

The additional screen space also makes watching movies on the device better, and means that it can keep up with the latest games and apps developed for the iPhone 5, which has an identical screen. Users of the iPhone 5 have all found the increased screen size to be a plus, and it’s no different with the 5th generation iPod Touch. It’s a great improvement that you can really feel.

Storage Options: The iPod Touch 5th generation only offers a 32GB and 64GB option – doing away with the 8GB and 16GB options available with the 4th generation model. This makes sense as the march of technology is moving on, and low storage spaces are generally not suitable for today’s user. The most significant reason for this is the increased use of MP3 players as movie watching devices. Movies are known for being large in file size, and an 8GB device can quickly fill up if more than a few movies are being stored on it.

The 32GB and 64GB options do still offer a choice though – those with a stricter budget can opt for the 32GB version which still offers ample storage for the average user, while those with a larger budget can stretch out with the full 64GB storage option that leaves plenty of room for movies, music and apps galore.

Retina Display: One of Apple’s big developments in the last couple of years has been the Retina display technology. This display is unique to Apple products and offers an unparalleled resolution that increases clarity by a massive margin as well as giving bright and balanced color to die for.

Both the 4th generation and 5th generation iPod Touches have Retina display technology, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. There’s really nothing else quite like watching a movie on a Retina display as opposed to any other display on the portable device market.

Small And Light: As a portable device it’s essential that Apple keep the size and weight of the iPod Touch to a minimum, and they’ve succeeded here. Even with the increased screen size – going from 3.5” to 4” with the new model – they’ve managed to keep the size manageable. The face measurements are the same as the iPhone 5, but the iPod Touch is thinner, meaning that it slides that much more easily into a tight jeans pocket.

Colors: One of the best things about the iPod Touch 5th generation is the range of colors its available in. No longer are you stuck with black or white, you can also now opt for blue, pink and yellow. This really gives you the freedom to pick something that best suits you and your personality.

Apple EarPods: With the latest MP3 player and smart phone generation, Apple have done away with the iconic old earphones – so much complained about – in favor of a new and more modern design. The EarPods, as they’re known, have a space-age styling that’s sleek and trendy but current, retaining the classic white coloring while updating the fundamentals.

The biggest benefits of the EarPods are improved comfort – the most complained about feature of the original Apple earphones – and better sound quality. If you’re a sound buff then the old earphones more than likely came as a big frustration, but the new EarPods go some way to alleviating this.

Sound Quality: Not only do the EarPods offer better sound quality than the older earphones from Apple, but the device itself produces good quality audio. Many people mistakenly believe that the quality of audio comes entirely from the earphones, but actually the device itself has a big part to play too, and the iPod Touch 5th generation holds up well in this department.

Matte Finish On Back: One of the main complaints about the iPod Touch 4th generation was the shiny back plate. Not only was it susceptible to scratches, but it also showed off smudges too. The matte finish aluminum back of the iPod Touch 5th generation is scratch and smudge resistant, helping to maintain the classy looks of your expensive toy.

Apple iPod Touch 32GB: The Cons

Compatibility: With the newest generation of Apple products, Apple have decided to change to connector port from 30 pins to 9 pins. In practice what this means is that no old accessories are compatible with the new iPod Touch 5th generation or iPhone 5 without first buying an adapter. That’ll cost you an extra $40 in cash and a huge amount of inconvenience, so be prepared.

Expensive: The most obvious downside to this MP3 player is the price. At around $300 you can buy a good smartphone for the same price, or even afford an iPhone 5 for not that much more. If you’re on a tight budget, that’ll pretty much rule the iPod Touch 5th generation out.

Old Apps: If you use old apps you might be annoyed to find that they’re not designed to fit the larger screen. What this means is that a black bar runs left to right across the screen at both the top and bottom – something that’s a little distracting and even unsightly for the fussier users.

Is The Apple iPod Touch 32GB Worth Buying?

If you only want to play music, then you could opt for something cheaper than the iPod Touch 5th generation, although there’s certainly no reason not to choose this if you have the budget. It’s a wonderful device that’s guaranteed to give a great experience. Just remember that if you have lots of old accessories that you want to link up to this device, you’ll need to get an adapter to do so. On the whole though, this is a highly recommended device.

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 I'm sold. I loved my first little iPod, which is only second generation. The iPod touch 5th generation sounds like the perfect device at the perfect time for me to upgrade.


After the iPhone came out I never really saw the point of the iPod touch. If I want to listen to music, I have a Sony player which is far superior in sound quality.