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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Worldictionary – Instant Translation & Search

Worldictionary – Instant Translation & Search

If you’re an avid traveler, or often find yourself reading several documents that aren’t in your native tongue, you could be finding yourself having to often do lookups of certain words that you simply don’t understand. Using Google Translator can often be a slow drawn out process, while voice translators don’t usually do the trick. There’s a new app out on iTunes that’s there to help you when you’ve got printed text that needs to be translated to or from almost any language in the world. The Worldictionary – Instant Translation & Search could be your saving grace to proper translation.

When you come across a document that has a word or several words that you don’t recognize, simply launch app. Select you languages that you’ll be translating to and from at the bottom of the screen. Next, by placing the word inside the provided magnifying glass, simply tap the screen and Worldictionary will recognize it.

Additionally, you’ll often want to know how to properly speak a foreign tongue if you’ve never done so. Once you’ve got the word selected, simply press the speaker button on the Worldictionary app, and the word will be properly annunciated to you so that you can repeat it freely.

You’ll also find that any lookups that you do will be saved in your history, and you can bookmark them as well. Revisit any important words as you see fit and you’ll be able to hear them again and again. If you have no sort of translation in front of you and aren’t sure what the word means, Worldictionary will also load up several resources for you to determine the meaning or significance behind the word. You can search Google, Wikipedia and even YouTube videos right over the easy to use app. You can also choose to search Bing within the settings if you so desire.

The best part about Worldictionary is that it relies on what it sees visually and not what you type in. Obviously, several characters in other languages are unavailable on the English keyboard. Chinese, Russian and several other languages have characters that aren’t used by people who speak native English. The visual recognition of Worldictionary helps you decipher any language at any time, without ever having to type anything in. When it’s time for you to travel out of the English borders, make sure to take Worldictionary along for the ride.

You can read more here at the app site.