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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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WorldCard Mobile [Review]

WorldCard Mobile [Review]

If you’re a business professional who is always on the go, then you know the feeling of dealing with hundreds of business cards stuffed into your bags. At the end of a trip, you find yourself going through all of the cards you’ve received simply to find one simple phone number. With mobile technology evolving the way it has, there shouldn’t even be a need for business cards. However, when you want to keep your business cards organized into one easy application, your iPhone is going to be an organizational life saver. Consider WorldCard Mobile the smart rolodex for your phone.

Rather than keeping a paper trail full of business cards, simply snap a shot of the business card and you’re done. When you load up the WorldCard Mobile app, you’ll be prompted to import an image of a business card. The app quickly scans the card and automatically inputs the data into a contact form on your iPhone, allows you to make changes as needed and store the contact information. Additionally, you can scan QR codes that will give you contact information for storage on your phone.

Additionally, you can keep your business cards stored separately right in the WorldCard Mobile application. With a similar organizational style to that of your phones main contact list, keeping your business connections well sorted no matter how many business cards you get flooded with is a breeze. We can understand why this app was nominated for “Best Mobile App OCR” at the 2010 Mobi Awards. The World Card app for your iPhone is easily a tool that any business professional or secretary can find themselves using on daily basis, no matter what business they are involved in.

The app is extremely user friendly. Upon a quick startup, the icons are prominently displayed. From the startup screen you can check your contact, import a business card, create an email signature to use when communicating with your imported contacts or scan a QR code.

Additionally, you can scan a card right on the spot from the WorldCard Mobile iPhone app. Simply press the camera button and scan the card to import it right into your business contacts. You can also scan cards in bulk with a  continuous shooting mode that lets you line your cards up and scan away to get all of your contacts imported in one quick scan, rather than scanning one card at a time.

Read more at WorldCard Mobile’s website here


This seems like it would be an extremely useful, invaluable app for business people to have.  When it comes to travel, the lighter you pack, the better!


 @geekgoddess Couldn't agree with you more. I used to travel with my old-photo-album-like calling card organizer. It takes a few spaces from my bag and it's quite hard to find the contact that I need no matter how hard I organizer.