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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Words with Friends Tips

Words with Friends Tips
Geeks Union

Words with Friends” is a popular word game that is played on devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad as well as on the online social network Facebook. The game operates identically to the classic board game “Scrabble.” Players use randomly assigned letters to create words, which their opponents then try to build additional words off of in order to score more points. By keeping just a few things in mind the next time you start up “Words with Friends” you can make sure that you end the game with the highest score.

Instead of just pluralizing an existing word, try to add onto it with words beginning or ending in “S.” Adding an “S” to the end of a word is a cheap, easy way to get a few points. However, if you can pluralize the word by adding a new full word that begins or ends in “S” you can score additional points. The “S” will also be counted in your points twice, as it was technically part of both the existing word and the one you added. Don’t just waste an “S” by adding it onto the board without thinking.

Don’t use words that are too long unless you have to. Just because you can create a word with all seven of your letters doesn’t mean that you actually should. Adding long words to the board opens up new opportunities for your opponent. Keep in mind that your opponent gets the next turn, so adding a word that brings you closer to a “Triple Word” square also brings them closer to the same achievement. Try to stick with short words, if possible. Short words also make it more difficult for your opponent to play.

Try to connect as many words together as possible. You’d be surprised by how quickly points add up when you line up one short word directly beneath another existing word. For example, you can lay the word “SAM” directly below the word “ARE.” In that situation you would get points for both “SAM” and “ARE” as well as points for “SA,” “AR” and “EM.” You also have the added benefit of making it even more difficult for your opponent to take their next turn, as you haven’t added a word long enough to give them any additional spaces to play.

 Words With Friends - Zynga


This game reminds me a lot of Scrabble, and that's a game I loved to play when I was younger! I'm not big on Facebook games either, like Ted pointed out, but now that I know they have it on the iPhone, I may start playing it.


I've seen this game for Facebook but I hate adding apps on Facebook so I ignored it.  I never realized they had a version for my iPhone and iPad.  I love word games so I'm definitely going to go look for this one to add to my collection.