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Geeks Union | November 25, 2017

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Wi-Fi Names Becoming Messages

Wi-Fi Names Becoming Messages
Geeks Union

To send sarcastic and mean messages to their neighbors, several users of wireless internet have been setting their networks to do so. Well basically, the reason why these people do this would be about the noise. And sex. And well, noisy sex combined. Add to that “stealing” in broadband networks.

If you are familiar with the process of installing new routers, wireless internet users are usually prompted and asked to assign names to their broadband networks. Anybody close within the range of your network; mostly people who are looking and searching for networks available, can see the names of this network of yours.

Though some may try and stick to the stereotype choices for network names like Home or Wireless01, some may tend to be more adventurous with names trying out several like real names, addresses or anything that would be a clue leading to the real network owner’s identity.

Call it a prank but this is in truth time for self expression in bite sizes. Why? Because you’ll even see names like: “Drop off! It’s a Hotspot” or things like “This is Terror Network” or worst, “Virus Detected, Systems Shutting Down”. For the cool and witty-like though, you might see things like “Fly for a Pretty Wi-Fi” or something like “Wi Believe I Can Fi”.

The social network Reddit have had its users gather and list together several examples about those statements which are less about the humor and more about sending definite messages to neighbors trying to use your network without your permission.

If you have been someone who has a shared house or a flat that you use with somebody, leaving post it notes on the fridge would be a normal thing. You will find humorous notes like “Kindly throw away the box after eating my food” or something like “The white thing with buttons is called the dishwasher”. With more people getting more and more creative with network names, then they would be the new fridge notes you’ll see just like how you do it with the original fridge notes there are.

The truth is that some users are using the exchange-reply method of naming their networks like:

“Stop Stealing My Paper” to which the reply reads: “FYI, I Didn’t Read It, I Just Throw It Away!”. Others go like “Your music is annoying” to which one replies “Your grammar is more annoying!” and the long list of lines goes on and on and on it seems unending.

The image-hosting site, Flicker, have an uploaded picture of antagonistic exchanges like “Meat is Murder” while the other one states that “Meat is Delicious”. On the other hand, people are using network names as well to address pet misbehavior and other expletive-laden names demanding neighbors to control pets like cats using their lawns as toilets or dogs barking with their lungs out neighbors cannot sleep anymore.

Several Wi-Fi names are also inspired by noisy neighbors. Some of the names gathered are: “Stop slamming the door!!!”, “Stop shouting”, “Stop running in the halls” or “Stop your clucking heels!”.

These noise complaints are truly popular among neighbors but one more noise that makes the top of the list is sex. And the noise it creates.

According to OpenSignalMaps, there is an apparent regularity of neighbors hearing people having sex especially across Britain and Ireland. Along the list, there had been some network names like “StopHavingSoMuchSex” and it truly incited numerous complaints with people regarding network names.

Though some users still leave their network public, others are keeping secure settings by default but still use names meant for people trying to steal broadband like “Stop Moaching My Internet” or one like “Go Away You Broadband Stealer”. Some even adapts the Bible’s commandment “Thou shall not steal!” or funnier things like “Covet not thy neighbor’s Wi-Fi”.

With these Wi-Fi names being the digital counterpart of fridge notes, you may ask what purpose do they serve and what kind of help do they give you. Instead, technology expert Tom Chatfield clarified that instead going over awkward face to face confrontations, network names can be a way to confront people. Because you do it in a digital way, anyone can joke about and remain anonymous to any of the target perpetrators.

Although some may find these names as offensive, other people are generously offering their networks for others to freely use. Besides, it is not just network users who can do names for jokes but even mobile users who have the Bluetooth feature which uses the same naming mechanisms as network names.