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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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The olloclip [Review]

The olloclip [Review]

iPhone lovers have discovered a new world of photography convenience when it comes to their cameras. Recently, an add-on to the phone known as the olloclip had caught our attention. We’ve seen several clip on lenses with single functionality to completely change what kind of shot the iPhone caught. What set the olloclip apart was that it could do so much with one piece. We decided to give the olloclip a try, and after just a few short hours, we’re pretty hooked. What we’ve usually found is that if you wanted three lenses to change the style of the photos you took, you needed 3 different pieces. The olloclip has certainly taken away the hassle of digging through your pockets for the right lens with this revolutionary tool that you’ll quickly become addicted to.

By Instagram user @kananamax

The lens simply clips on, and when you want to change from one angle to another simply flip the lens around to change your shot. Additionally, there’s a third lens that is simply exposed by unscrewing one of the lenses. The first shot we wanted to play with was the wide-angle lens. While the iPhone is great for capturing a lot of picture form a distance, the wide angle lens is sure to please when your object is a little bit closer. We’ve estimated that it covers about 130 degrees of what’s in front of you, which is more than double that of the iPhone camera as a standalone. The Fisheye lens is perfect when you want that excellent effect along with maximum field of view. Make sure your finger doesn’t get in the way of the 180 degree FOV that will blow your mind. The “tunnel vision” style shot you get out of the olloclip truly creates a stunning image that captures everything in front of you. Finally, the Macro Lens truly impressed us with its focus abilities. While the iPhone usually has to be a few inches away to focus on an object, the Macro Lens allows you to focus in on objects about a dozen millimeters away from your phone. You get precise focus that the phone can easily capture with the push of the button.

If you’re looking at adding grabbing a lens for your iPhone camera, the olloclip is the complete, easy to use, and all in one tool that’s going to make your world a lot easier. You can change your shot style in seconds and you’ll never be worrying about losing additional lenses that are traveling in your pocket.

Also worth noting that this was a successful Kickstarter product. and they have won WIRED Magazines editors choice for iPhone lenses.

The olloclip is available online at, at your local Apple Store (Online), and Best Buy.

View more images taken with olloclip (here) and the above image can be seen here by @kananamax on Instagram


This is absolutely astonishing -- only ten years ago nobody would have thought such a device was possible. So with the Olloclip, the iPhone pretty much becomes an advance camera, the type that professionals use. 



I completely agree with you Halpal, it is indeed marvelous what you can do with your phone today! Unfortunately, I have a 3GS, so I wouldn't be able to use this.


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