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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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The New Apple iPad mini

Geeks Union

The new Apple iPad mini has just been released. With the original iPad having been launched in spring 2010 this new version of the iPad will ship on November 2, 2012. The idea of the Apple iPad mini is a concentration not a reduction of the existing specifications that exists in the iPad models. With over 1 million sales of the existing iPad Apple has certainly gotten the format correct and wants to offer this same sort of appeal on a smaller scale.

While many other companies have many tablets available on the market including the BlackBerry playbook, and Amazon tablets as well as the Google Nexus line, people seem to prefer the Apple iPad hardware. Having a mini tablet that can still access the 275,000 apps which are designed specifically for the iPad, as well as the hundreds of thousands of apps that are available in the iTunes marketplace makes the iPad mini an even more portable tablet option that carries all of the same features as the original iPad.

The new iPad mini will comes complete with a five megapixel camera and be built on the same aluminum and glass hardware as the existing iPad. The hardware will be essentially the same concentrated into a smaller 7.2 mm thick construction which weighs in at just .68 pounds. The screen size has been miniaturized to just 7.9 inches making this model much lighter and more portable than the existing iPad.

One of the best applications that you can use Apple’s iPad mini for is for viewing e-books. The larger iPad was more cumbersome to carry around for some as E-reader, this model can easily fit into a purse or a book bag for easy storage as well as quick access. The screen is extremely crisp making this tablet model also perfect for watching your favorite iTunes movies as well as streaming content online through the Wi-Fi capability. While the screen does not have Apple’s existing retina display it does carry a 1024 X 768 resolution which is still extremely clear for the size of the screen. The product feels great in your hands and is much easier to hold onto than the larger iPad because of the reduced weight and size.

The price point for this new iPad mini starts around $329. Although this is a bit more expensive than the Nexus seven tablet from Google, many applications have been optimized specifically for tablets by Apple and the Nexus seven lacks the same Web performance as well as a camera so the extra costs are well justified.

4G LTE versions of the Apple iPad mini are expected to be released shortly after November 2 but in the initial phase of the release only Wi-Fi versions will be available.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a new iPad mini you can begin to pre-order directly from the Apple website starting October 26. The idea of this great tablet is concentration not a reduction of specifications from the iPad making this the ideal choice if you have ever wanted a more portable Apple tablet.