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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Siri Tips and Tricks

Siri Tips and Tricks

What is Siri? 

Referred to as a virtual assistant and knowledge navigator in the world of Apple electronic devices, Siri is a software application that personalizes the information of its user according to their preferences. It was established as an iPhone operating system application from Siri, Inc. until Apple bought out the corporation in 2010. Apple is currently the main recipient of its services, as negotiations with Blackberry and Android-powered service providers were never realized.

Currently, Siri is on iPhone 4S that emerged during the fall of last year. The device contains numerous features, including weather information, formal reminders, calendars, email, stock quotes, music, maps, contacts, messaging, and web browsers. Its functions are limited to the United States.

Responses to Siri have been relatively favorable, although some natives of other countries have expressed dissatisfaction at the way the device isn’t able to recognize heavy accents yet. Siri has posed as a potential threat to various service providers and online platforms because of its sophisticated operations.

How It Works

Don’t be intimidated by Siri’s complexity. You’ll find it easy to use.  It’s important to remember that you dictate what the device does at all times. You verbally command it to do a variety of actions, such as find the nearest coffeehouse, get directions, schedule a conference call, send an important message, or place a call to someone. The application is basically your personal pocket-sized genie.

Siri uses WiFi networks and 3G to interact with Apple’s data sites that enables it to quickly comprehend what you ask it to do. Once you’ve asked a question, the device displays the text of what you said on its screen and provides a response. Sometimes Siri may need additional information and will ask a question in response to your question in order to get more details. The application also recites text messages and emails before your send them to ensure there are no corrections that need to be made.

Many users assume they must train the device to respond in a certain way, but there’s nothing you need to do that will make Siri work more effectively. It’s already prepared to take your orders in the way that you give them.

Five Tips to Getting the Most Out of Siri

  1.  Make Corrections – Technology has an erroneous side. Like all electronics, Siri is capable of making mistakes. The device is especially sensitive to slurs of the tongue, strong accents or mumbled words. It’s important to tell Siri when it gets what you said wrong to avoid misunderstandings between you and your contacts. The system automatically underlines the questionable word(s) in blue, giving you a chance to fix it. Just tap the word(s) to see potential replacements. You can also just say the word(s) you intended to go in the text and Siri will automatically make changes.
  2. Add Relationships – You can also tell Siri your relationship with people in your iPhone. The application will make a note to remember and recognize personalized requests to these individuals. For instance, you can ask Siri to send your best friend (rather than saying his/her full name) a message about your flight arrangements during your visit and the device will know who to contact.
  3. Use Social Networking – Get friendly on Siri. You can make arrangements to update your statuses on Facebook or Twitter. The program is capable of transferring information to these social network platforms, although it can’t engage with them directly.
  4. Arrange Meet-Ups – One of Siri’s best features is its ability to find your friends’ locations. Once you’ve activated Apple’s “Find My Friends” app, you’ll be able to ask where a person is and have Siri identify their whereabouts so you can meet them. This prevents them from having to waste time giving you directions or even an address.
  5. Stay Secure – Be sure to make your iPhone password-protected to prevent hackers and thieves from tampering with it. You can also turn off your Siri to make it inaccessible to others.