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Geeks Union | December 15, 2017

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Should You Upgrade to iPad 4

Should You Upgrade to iPad 4
Geeks Union

When the iPad 4 was released many consumers were shocked and were thrown off guard. No one expected for Apple to do anything but make a few revisions to the iPad 3. But Apple got the itch to add 4G LTE, dual band Wi-Fi and a fast processor to the iPad 4. The question many consumers tend to ask is if they should upgrade to iPad 4. This question is pretty answerable for most buyers of the original iPad – but for some, it’s not as simple.

Some of the key features the iPad 4 houses is the ability to process data much faster than older iPads, like the iPad 3. The A6X dual-core has a quad-core graphics processor. It is said that this processor is twice as fast as its predecessor. Unlike the iPad 3, it now has a front facing camera that comes with a higher resolution. The 720p camera delivers sharper pictures and clearer display.

When it comes to international support, the iPad 4 has dual Wi-Fi with 4GE LTE coverage, giving users more options when it comes to larger coverage.

Upgrading to iPad 4 will depend on the version you own. If an upgrade is coming from an original iPad, then more than likely an upgrade is expected. A lifespan of many computers are usually around 3-5 years, which means that the original iPad, depending on when it was purchased, is more than likely running low on lifespan. Plus, the iPad 4 features alone overshadow the features of the original iPad.

If you are wanting to upgrade from an iPad 3 to an iPad 4, then there is much consideration to be taken. The iPad 3 isn’t much different from the iPad 4. Even though the iPad 4 is twice as fast and has dual band Wi-Fi, the iPad 3 is just as suitable as the iPad 4 and pretty much has the same features. The only real reason to upgrade is if a buyer feels as if they aren’t getting enough room with the 16GB iPad. If you purchased the Wi-Fi version of the iPad 3 but have the desire to have data connectivity then the iPad 4 might be the best option for you.

Both iPads house a camera but, like stated before, the iPad 4 has a front facing camera which might be much more useful to you if you use your iPad camera more than any other camera that they own.

Upgrading isn’t mandatory and doesn’t deem a major move unless you own the original iPad or are looking for a little more flexibility. Either way, upgrading won’t make or break your current iPad ownership.

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