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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Pass Source helps users beat developers to Passbook

Pass Source helps users beat developers to Passbook
Geeks Union

As I mentioned yesterday, Passbook on Day One is a mixed bag. A lot of flagship apps like Starbucks donʼt work with the app at all right now, with other ones updated for the app like Cineplex and Fandango claiming to work and giving out null bar codes. The Achilles Heel of Passbook is itsʼ reliance on third-party developers to get their act together, and itʼs a frustrating process for users.

I was in that boat last night as well, until I discovered Pass Source. Pass Source is a website that-when accessed through your Passbook-supporting iDevice-generates a passbook card for you.

It requires a little work on your part, and for whatever reason likes to ask the same questions twice, but in the end it generates a custom-made Passbook card for you, with templates for everything from Starbucks and Best Buy cards to Fandango tickets and Starwood Preferred Guest Cards. Some like the Fandango template require a lot of information, including where and when the movie is showing, as well as what seat. It also has support for cards that might never be supported with their own apps, like Kroger Plus cards. If you canʼt find a template, they also have blank card and coupon templates so you can get a step closer to emptying your wallet.
This website is a good filler while developers get situated with updating their apps for Passbook, and itʼs a perfectly legitimate hack, so letʼs hope it sticks around.
So far Iʼve got a Starbucks card generated, as well as a Fandango ticket to see House at the End of the Street on Monday. Check back soon when I try these out and see if they actually work.
Robert Brown has had many past lives, from travelling trainer and Apple Store Specialist to college professor. He is currently an award-winning independent art director and photographer. Follow him on Twitter and check out his featured projects on Behance