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Geeks Union | December 16, 2017

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Motive Stylus launches on Kickstarter

Motive Stylus launches on Kickstarter

Today while reading my email I found a new product I am really excited about! Motive Stylus, It is designed to be used in tandem with the Apple Smart cover (what a ‘smart’ idea). I have ordered one and can’t wait to post a full review.

See more and order yours today while the limited pre-order is still open at $20 (or more) on Kickstarter

Motive Stylus launches on Kickstarter.

The first iPad Stylus designed to transform and dock with the Apple Smart Cover.

People love to draw on their iPads, but searching for that missing iPad stylus should never be the first step. iPad styluses are easy to lose and expensive to replace. Motive Stylus is always at hand, tucked just out of the way.

Motive Stylus transforms from iPad stylus to perfectly flat. It attaches magnetically to the front of the Apple Smart Cover. The Smart Cover is still able to function just like it always has. It can be flipped and folded with Motive Stylus securely attached. Motive Stylus changes form with a simple gesture. The interlocking parts roll up and  fit perfectly to form the stylus. The neodymium magnets inside of Motive Stylus hold it solidly together.

Every detail has been considered. Motive Stylus has six sides just like a pencil. All of the materials were carefully chosen to enhance the feel and experience of using Motive Stylus. The body is made of aerospace grade anodized aluminum. The injection molded parts are made from a conductive polycarbonate specifically chosen for its unique properties. The tip is just 6mm wide and has been designed to provide the perfect feel. Every aspect of Motive Stylus is designed to resonate with Apple’s design DNA.

Sketching is a perfect way to share ideas. Steve Jobs loved to use a whiteboard to communicate his ideas. When Jack Dorsey invented Twitter it started as a simple sketch. There are designers, engineers, artists and creatives in every field who need a better way to share their ideas.

The Apple iPad is the ultimate sketch pad for sharing ideas. Motive Stylus is the missing piece that can help realize this potential. Motive Stylus fits perfectly with the iPad Smart Cover both in how they function and the sense of fun and magic within them. The iPad Smart Cover has a new sidekick.

Motive Stylus launches on Kickstarter on June 13, 2011. Motive Stylus can be pre-ordered for $30. The suggested retail price will be $40 when it goes on sale later this year.



The design is really cool, but the problem of securing the stylus so that it doesn't get lost could be solved more simply by having a pocket or groove to fix the stylus, couldn't it? 


Indeed, making a stylus which blends seamlessly with the Smart Cover is a great idea. I have never used a stylus with my iPad, but since I was about to buy a cover anyway, I might as well give this a shot too.