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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Lytro Camera Update

Lytro Camera Update

Lytro is taking the technology and experience of cameras to another dimension. Today, they released the new camera of their series, which has the ability to refocus photos after they have been captured. The manual controls of the new camera help photographers to enhance their creativity in light field photography.  Photographers can gain more control over the shutter speed and the exposure in order to enhance the look of their photos. Photographers who live in every corner of the world were impressed by these features, so it has become a popular topic in the present world.

The new Lytro camera is a bar shaped device. It is recognized as the first commercially available light field camera that has the ability to create living pictures in an effective way. This camera has the ability to capture multiple light rays by accepting light rays through the lens and allowing them to hit a series of micro lenses in front of its sensor. It will assist the camera to record subjects from multiple angles. Then the users can alter a photo’s focus later by touching different parts of the image.

Even though this is an advanced technical process, the user can operate the device in a convenient way. This new version of the Lytro camera has just two buttons for all the operations. These two buttons are called as the “switch on” button and the “shutter” button. It has a 1.5 inch touch screen for framing photos. In order to take a photo, the user has to point the camera towards the object and shoot. The shooting process is quick and it doesn’t even pause to focus. They can also view the image instantly after capturing. They need to swap a finger across the touch screen in order to do that and they can also refocus the images by tapping on different areas on the photo. You can easily add the photos from the Lytro camera to big screens like a computer. The Lytro software will assist you with that and it has the ability to function well with PC and Mac. You can even upload these photos to the Lytro Fan pages in Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

The new version of Lytro camera is available in two colors as Moxie pink and Seaglass.  The Seaglass model is available on and the Moxie pink model is available at and at City Target Stores in November. The prices are perfectly affordable and the features you get are totally worth for the amount you pay. It is available in two models as 8GB and 16GB. also offers a new camera case along with a protective sleeve in order to ensure the safety and the durability of the device. Out of all, this camera can be considered as a great device which has the ability to take photography to another level.