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Geeks Union | December 16, 2017

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Letterpress – a word game

Letterpress – a word game
Geeks Union

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If you are a fan of both the strategy game and word game genres, do not hesitate to check out the App Store. Simply a fun social word game.

If you are interested in finding a fun new game to enjoy with your friends on the iPhone, Letterpress is an extremely fun and competitive strategy and word game that can be played with friends.

The idea of this application is to quickly find words using the letters that are available on the game board. Each time you are able to find a word the spaces in which the letters that made up the word were found will be colored in your team color. The object is to completely fill the board with your team color by utilizing each space on the board to make up your words. The challenge and strategy lies in making sure that your board and your spaces remain claimed. Just as a spaces claimed new letters will be filled in and the other player will have an opportunity to create words out of these existing spaces as well. By finding words, stealing tiles and coloring the board you can work to be your friends as well as match make with other people online to enjoy this great iOS application.

The game also keeps a record of your turns and allows you to play several different games at once so that you can continue on with many different games and always have a player with you who is willing to play. Some applications can leave you waiting for other players turns but using Letterpress ensures that you can keep starting new games to always have an active game running when you want to play.

Although this application is fairly new it is available completely for free through the iTunes network. Many people are hailing it as being just as fun and more addictive than words with friends. If you ever find yourself enjoying word games on your iPad or iPhone device this game could be just the right new challenge for you.

The application does also come with an upgrade that features extra words and letters for your game type. The $.99 upgrade truly unlocks the potential of this application and if you enjoy the free version of the application you can only work to enhance the game by purchasing the upgrade.

For many initial customer reviews people seem to be very satisfied with the game. There are plenty of users who are on this application actively so you should always be able to find some excellent competition to hone your word and strategy skills.

Unlike some other applications available for iOS 5, Letterpress has been fully optimized for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. This is not one of the applications that is simply stretched across the iPad screen it has been developed to run as a standalone on the iPad and for iPad users.

If you are a fan of both the strategy game and word game genres, do not hesitate to check out the App Store today and download the Letterpress application. Released on October 24, 2012 you can work to become a Letterpress expert and play against other new players to this great game.