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Geeks Union | December 15, 2017

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Keynote By the Numbers

Keynote By the Numbers
Geeks Union
Apple’s special events almost always begin with a quick overview of the company’s stats, today was no exception. Here are the numbers Mr. Cook shared with us today.
  • Apple has already sold 3 million new iPods since unveiling the latest updates to the line last month.
  • 200 million devices have upgraded to iOS 6 since it became publicly available in mid-September.
  • 125 million documents have been stored in iCloud.
  • 300 billion iMessages have been sent to date.
  • And about 28,000 iMessages are sent every second.
  • There are now 160 million Game Center acounts.
  • 35 billion apps have been downloaded from the iTunes store.
  • There are now 700,000 iOS apps available.
  • 275,000 of the are iPad-specific.
  • Apple has paid developers $6.5 billion to date.
  • 70 million photos have been shared via iPhoto Photo Streams.
  • There are currently 1.5 million books available in the iTunes Book Store.
  • 400 million books have been downloaded since the store debuted.
  • 2,500 U.S. classrooms are using iBooks textbooks.
  • Apple has sold 100 million iPads since it launched the device two and a half years ago.
  • 91 percent of tablet-generated Web traffic comes from the iPad.
  • 94 percent of the Fortune 500 is testing or deploying the iPad.

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