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Geeks Union | November 21, 2017

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iTunes U

iTunes U

Apple’s latest foray into the education world resulted in an expanded iTunes U program. iTunes U is an application available from the iTunes App Store that lets you download and listen to lectures from the top professors from various accredited universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale. Apple is providing an amazing opportunity for consumers with an iOS device to get a free education from pioneers in their industries iTunes U comes with various categories of audio files including business, engineering, fine arts, health, history, humanities, science and society.

iTunes U courses are an excellent opportunity to earn a free education from your spare time. They provide K-12 courses to help your children supplement their education. You can learn new languages, budget basics and how to write.

The first step in getting in on this opportunity is downloading the iTunes U application from the iTunes store. iTunes U is a free application. (app store link) Once you open the application, click the “Catalog” button to look at the lectures available. Apple provides a listing of the most popular audio files as well as various categories you can search through. Clicking on the audio file opens the information page where you download the audio to your iOS device. After an audio file is downloaded, you can access it at any time without needing an internet connection.