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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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iPad Proxy Set Up

iPad Proxy Set Up

A proxy network or server is a very specific type of connection used when two or more devices communicate with each other over the Internet. Proxy networks have a variety of different uses, like keeping the computers or devices involved anonymous and bypassing certain filters that an Internet service provider has put into place. While using a proxy network or server on a computer is commonplace at this point, many people may not realize that you can also use a proxy connection on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as well. You just have to know where on your device you need to enter the specific information to get the connection up and running.

Step 1

Open the “Settings” menu on your Apple device and select “Wi-Fi.” This is the same process you would go through if you were trying to connect to a wireless network under normal circumstances.

Step 2

Tap the blue arrow to the right of the network that you’re connected to. Don’t just tap on the name, as doing so will only confirm that you’re connected to that network. Tapping on the name of a network that you’re not connected to will connect with it, so make sure you’re tapping the blue arrow.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the “HTTP Proxy” section. The word “Off” will be highlighted. Tap the word “Manual” to turn on the proxy capabilities of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Step 4

Enter your proxy information into the boxes that are now on screen. You will need to specify the exact server of the proxy you’re trying to use as well as the port your device needs access to. If you want to turn on the authentication features of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad you can do so by tapping the “On” button next to “Authentication.”

Step 5

Tap the “Wi-Fi Networks” button in the top-left corner of the screen. Doing so will return you to the previous page. Your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad will now connect to the network you have specified through the proxy server that you have chosen in the previous steps.