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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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iPad Orientation Lock

iPad Orientation Lock

The majority of iPad users love its ability to adjust the display for the iPad’s orientation (landscape or portrait). At times, however, this feature can become inconvenient, such as when the user is reading an ebook while in bed. When you are lounging on your side, you do not want the display to turn as if you were sitting up. The solution is to lock your display and prevent it from rotating, a task easily accomplished with the side switch on your iPad. That switch can be used for one of two functions: locking the orientation or instantly muting the device. You can determine which one in your iPad settings Simply select “General”from the left-hand column and find “Use Side Switch to” on the right to choose your preferred option.

If you opt to use the side switch to lock the orientation, simply activate it whenever needed. If you choose to use the switch for muting instead, a second option presents itself. Double-click the home button and swipe the resulting app menu from left to right. Tapping the icon at the far left will perform whichever function you chose not to do with the switch. Now you’re all set to lock your display whenever required. Just be sure to unlock it when you’re done!