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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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iOS Podcast App

iOS Podcast App

For the longest time, users have been looking for ways to streamline several of their apps into one easy to use resource. Everything from financial resources, to news feeds, and even video subscriptions have come under fire by Apple users because there isn’t often a way to aggregate everything you’re looking for into one simple app. Now Apple has introduced their latest tool for users who love podcasts. The Podcasts app by Apple is one of the few that has quickly taken off, as users can now delete the several apps that each brand or podcast has created by themselves, and utilize one easy interface for all of their audio streaming.

The Podcast has been around for several years. Based out of iTunes, each podcast is promoted entirely by the creator of the audio itself.  This individual promotion hindered the ability to truly find unique and creative content that was made by individuals and those who had no resources for promoting a podcast. Additionally, users weren’t able to find anything that was unique with the exception of those who had spent so much many to create visibility for their regularly scheduled broadcast.

Now, with the Apple Podcasts app, you can search for any type of podcast right from your own phone. While there will still be featured and promoted podcasts that are, in several cases, paid for, you’ll have visibility with a lot more useful content that’s outside of the normal featured audio selections.

The Podcasts app also eliminates the need for individual apps on your iPhone. Before now, several podcasters created their own simple apps, which seemed to just take up space on the uses iPhone. While Podcasts doesn’t make your current apps useless, ti does put them all into one easy to search and easy to use app, which allows you to save your favorite channels and podcasts as you please.

There is also speculation the Apple may introduce paid Podcast subscriptions via the app in the near future. Since the app is fresh off of release, we don’t expect to see that for at least several months.

The App is Free from the App Store:

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