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Geeks Union | December 16, 2017

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How to Remove Stock iOS Applications without Jailbreaking

Geeks Union

The majority of the stock applications on iPhones and iPads are incredibly handy. However, I am willing to wager that there are many that you wouldn’t even touch with a large pole. Be honest, when was the last time you ever opened up the Stocks Application, Voice Memos Application and the Weather Application. I am sure that if you have opened them up recently, it was most likely an accident. Sadly though, these applications stay on the screen, even if you don’t use them, and this is of course going to take up precious real estate. Of course, you could always remove the applications by Jailbreaking your Phone or Tablet Computer, but this has a lot of risks associated with it, and it certainly isn’t for the casual user. This was the only way in the past, but did you know that now you can remove these applications without jailbreaking? Let me explain how.

The process is carried out thanks to pretty brilliant web application. The key thing to remember here though is that it only removes the stock iOS Applications temporarily. This means that they are always going to return, but I shall explain a little bit more about that soon.

So how can you go about doing this? Well, open up your Safari Browser and head to, don’t worry, it really is a completely safe website. Once you land on the website you will be presented a list of all the stock applications that you will find on your tablet computer or cell phone. Everything will be here. This includes a contacts list, your notes application and even your phone application (not sure why you would remove this, but each to their own!).

The next step is to select the application that you want to remove. All you need to do is give it a tap, if that wasn’t obvious enough! The website will then start to install an application on your device. Don’t worry though, this is completely safe. If you are given a little pop-up box, all you need to do is hit the OK button.

The installation will actually fail, don’t worry about this though. You will most likely get an ‘Unable to Download Application’ error. The reason for this is because the application hasn’t been authorized by Apple, and thus cannot be installed on devices. However, if you go back to your screen you will see that an incomplete icon now takes the place of the thing you wanted to remove. You will now be able to tap on that icon and remove it, just like you would any other application.

As I said previously though, this doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. Instead it is just a temporary fix until the device is restarted. Therefore if you remove an application accidentally, or decide that you have a sudden urge to check how Google stocks are doing, all you need to do is restart the phone. It really is that simple!

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