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Geeks Union | November 25, 2017

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Great iOS Audio App’s

Great iOS Audio App’s

Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices all come with a standard music playing application already installed at the time of purchase. This app, referred to as simply “Music” on all three devices, manages all of your songs, podcasts and audiobooks. However, many people might not realize that there are actually a number of third party applications in the iTunes App Store that can also fill this role. These third party applications can add new features, change the interface or generally just make the act of playing music on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone a more pleasant experience.

Planetary – Bloom Studio, Inc.

Planetary takes your music collection and turns it into a kind of virtual solar system, offering a truly unique way to browse your library. Galaxies can represent artists, albums or even genres depending on your preferences. You can move from one galaxy to the next with the tap of your finger, allowing you to see connections between parts of your library that may have been hidden to you before.

gMusic: A Google Music player – IIS

If you’re the type of person that stores your music collection “in the cloud,” you need to have gMusic on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. gMusic works in conjunction with Google’s free “Music” service and allows you to have constant access to your music collection wherever you go. You can store a lot more songs in the cloud than you can on even the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with the largest hard drives. This means that you can listen to any song you have access to anywhere in the world so long as you have an active Internet connection.

Audible – Audible, Inc.

If you’re the type of person that buys audio books on, the official Audible application is a must have. While the native “Music” application can also handle audio books, only the Audible application offers Wi-Fi delivery of your library and detailed listening statistics for your complete collection.

FlyCast Select – FlyCast

FlyCast Select offers a variety of other features in addition to the ability to play your music. FlyCast Select not only plays your existing collection but lets you expand it through various music services and Internet radio stations. In addition to music, FlyCast Select also offers video playback capability from online providers like ABC World News and the CBS Evening News.