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Geeks Union | December 15, 2017

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GoPro HERO 3 – Black Edition

Geeks Union

GoPro has only been in the camera business since 2002, but the company has already earned a name as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of action cameras. You may have seen video from their products on shows such as Mythbusters and Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Their latest line, the HERO3, is even more advanced than the models used on those programs.

The GoPro HERO3: Black Edition is the best of the best of their offerings. 30% smaller and 25% lighter than previous models, the Black Edition is waterproof to 60 meters and can capture high definition video at up to 120 frames per second. It can also take stills at a rate of 30 per second in stunning 12 megapixel detail. GoPro also revamped the audio system for the Black Edition, improving on its already phenomenal wind noise reduction.

The Black Edition has built-in Wi-Fi, and it also comes with the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote. A $79.99 value, the remote does more than just let you start and stop the camera from up to 600 feet away – it provides access to all of the camera’s settings and even allows you to control up to 50 cameras at once. But don’t worry if you leave the remote at home. You can also control the HERO3 with your smartphone or tablet running the GoPro app.

The Black Edition comes with an assortment of mounts and hardware to help you capture spectacular photos and video whether you’re surfing, skiing, cycling or skydiving. All this adds up to the perfect package for any action photography enthusiast.