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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Get Clear, Get Done.

Get Clear, Get Done.

In case you have been living under a rock, you have had to of heard about Realmac’s latest and greatest app “Clear”. If you’re looking for a simple, clean, beautiful to-do list management app for your iPhone then Clear is perfect for you!

Dieter Rams has 10 rules of good design. One of which states that “Good design is unobtrusive”. Clear fits this rule specifically. There are a TON of to-do list apps out there, but what makes Clear different from the others? It’s simple, that is all. No crazy reminders about locations or even Siri talking to you. Clear takes advantage of the multi-touch goodness on the iPhone and makes it fun to get stuff done.

When you first start Clear up you are walked through a simple guide of actions. You can swipe to the right to mark an item done, swipe to the left to delete an item, two finger pull-apart to create a new action, swipe up to clear the list, or swipe down to go up a level. There are three levels; the first is the themes, tips and settings, the second level is a listing of to-do lists, and the third is the actual list of items for that specific to-do list.

Clear does some interesting things, such as force a 20 character string for a to-do (which is good, “less is more”). Clear has has some very cool sounds to make you feel good after you clear a list.

Realmac Software has stated that they will release an iPad and Mac version of the application, along with possible room for Android and Windows Phone applications, eventually. You owe it to yourself, give Clear a shot, and enjoying getting stuff done!

Highly Recommended

Clear – Realmac Software in the iOS App Store.