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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Free Super Bowl advertising for Apple reinforces its marketing prowess.

Free Super Bowl advertising for Apple reinforces its marketing prowess.

At an estimated cost of $3.5 million per 30-second commercial, advertisers on the Super Bowl paid a hefty amount for NBC’s coverage. But marketers who shelled out the big bucks looking for big results can no doubt take a deep sigh of financial relief as the estimated total TV audience of more than 111 million not only set an audience record but reassured the advertisers that their commercials were seen and noticed.

Yet it was interesting to note that one of the biggest worldwide companies around didn’t need to spend a dime to get its unique selling proposition across to the masses.

Jim Cramer of Real Money wrote about the most compelling ad of the big game saying that as the Lombardi Trophy was shown, Giant team members took out their Apple iPhones and snapped pictures of the momentous occasion. A moment frozen in time thanks to the Apple iPhone and TV watchers at that moment saw a great commercial. Cramer added the thought that the sporting figures were “using their favorite device to record an event,” adding that “you can’t buy an advertisement like that.” And Apple didn’t pay a penny.

But of course that Giant of an Apple commercial was only one example of how the company that Steve Jobs proudly built can take advantage of the marketing opportunities that the world throws at it.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in New York City has become what people say is the most photographed tourist attraction in Manhattan – outpacing even the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. And you may be aware that Apple computers and iPhones which show up in motion pictures and TV shows are not paid placements.

Ready for more? Take a look at the pages and pages of coverage related to the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants ticker tape celebration parade. Note in particular The New York Times today, which devotes almost one half page to one photograph taken by one of its sports star photographers, Barton Silverman. The picture could have very well been turned into an Apple advertisement just by adding an Apple logo. The photo shows what looks like thousands of fans straining to catch glimpses of Giant players as the team’s victory parade makes its way down the canyons of Lower Broadway. This could be the shot heard ’round the marketing offices of Apple today because the picture shows just about every fan straining to hold their Apple iPhone devices up as they take their iPhotograph to save their moment forever. Look carefully at the Times photo and you should even catch one fan holding up an Apple iPad taking a photo.

All this Apple excitement a week or so after Kodak announced bankruptcy filings.

Obviously, nobody, including Kodak, can take a marketing bite out of the brilliant Apple.


No I am not, my point was that the Superbowl players I don't think had been payed.