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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Simply a great writing app for Mac.

An Automatic To-do List, Timer and Outlining Allow Folding Text To Edit Text Like Never Before.

FoldingText from the Mac App Store is an app from the Jesse Grosjean’s Hog Bay Software, a company that has made some remarkable distraction free Writing apps, a trend that they started back in the days in 2008. These were not only nice for writing plain text but it made them all simple so that you could use them whenever you want, wherever you want it.

So, to add to that genre, this little company went on to re-invent it with Folding Text that is amazingly easy-to use combination of the basic tools for writing text.

An Introduction:

This app has a striking minimalism, by having no toolbars, buttons or any clumsiness. All it has is crisp, clean, low-contrast window that writes dark-grey text on its light-grey background. There are no worries about how to get started because every new window of FoldingText from the Mac App Store comes along with a few lines of instructions going along with it. A look at the detailed guide of 3 pages would enable you to glance at some of the powerful, unique instructions that are completely easy to use.
Besides being a text editor, Folding Text is also:

  • A Text-based Timer
  • An app for to-do list
  • An outliner

The ‘Folding’ in FoldingText:

Being able to fold or unfold the text blocks is a Killer Feature of this app. Though it is there any a few text editors but it is remarkably simpler than any of them! Clicking on the # header enables you in folding the text that goes after it. Thus this becomes incredibly helpful at the time you are dealing with long documents and when need to see or hide a portion.

You can also use the app as an outlining tool by collapsing all code blocks, lists and block-quotes down to just a backbone on your screen.

A Showcase of its features:

The most notifying feature is the ability of using any mode anywhere you want inside the same-document and you will never risk losing or distracting yourself. Thanks to the Powerful-Filtering possibilities.

  • You can focus on a particular section making other things on the screen disappear. In a long document, choose the portion that you want to focus and you are done.

The to-do list is created by adding a “.todo” towards a line’s end. Whatever you type henceforth would be formatted automatically as a to-do list.

Thus in a nutshell, an instinct of knowing how to type properly is just enough to use FoldingText from the Mac App Store effectively.