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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Five Great Entertainment iPad Apps

Five Great Entertainment iPad Apps

Apple’s iPad has quickly become one of the premiere productivity tools on the market today. It allows you to do practically anything a computer can do on something small enough to hold in your hands. But the iPad doesn’t have to just be all work and no play – there are also a variety of entertainment related applications that make keeping up with pop culture and having fun as easy as anything else on Apple’s tablet device.



The official Flixter application serves a variety of purposes. In association with Rotten Tomatoes, it allows you to quickly see what movies are coming out and to read reviews about the films that interest you. Partnered with the Ultraviolet digital initiative, the Flixter application also allows you access to your Ultraviolet streaming library on the go. You don’t have to download your Ultraviolet films to your iPad to enjoy them – they can be streamed instantly anytime you have an Internet connection.



The HBO GO application allows you constant streaming access to all content currently available to HBO subscribers. You can stream any movie showing on HBO in a particular month at any time. You also have streaming access to nearly all of HBO’s own shows and original programming, including titles like “The Sopranos” and “Game of Thrones.” While the application itself is free, the content is only available to monthly HBO subscribers. You will need to log in using your cable television service provider username and password.



The free Netflix application allows all Netflix service subscribers to access their accounts on the go. You can stream hundreds of thousands of movies and television series episodes right from your iPad. If you were to stop a particular film part way through on your iPad, the next time you view the title it will resume from the same place. Even if you pick it back up again on your television or from your Web browser.



iBooks doesn’t come pre-installed on new iPad devices, but it should. This is Apple’s official eBook reader application. It allows users to view not just specially formatted eBooks, but documents like PDFs as well. It allows you to sort your library into a series of “shelves,” giving you a great visual interface to use while deciding what you want to read.


iTunes Trailers has long been one of the premiere movie trailer websites on the Internet. Trailers are often exclusive to Apple’s site for a period of time, and are offered in high definition. The iTunes Trailers application allows you to reformat the site specifically for the iPad’s screen. If you’ve heard about a movie coming up and want to watch all available trailers immediately, this is the application for you.

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Entertainment apps are my favorite when it comes to my iPad, and you're definitely right about these being some of the greatest! I've used HBO GO and iBooks many times while traveling for business for my job at Dish, and love how they turn any boring downtime I face into fun. The app I'd say I use the most though, is Dish Remote Access. It's cool because it allows me (with the help of my Sling Adapter) to watch all of my favorite shows and movies from back home, live or recorded, on my iPad anywhere I am in the world! It works on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi too, so I never have to worry about missing any of my favorite shows while on the go! :)