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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Final Cut Pro X Updates

Final Cut Pro X Updates
Geeks Union

Released in April of this year, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X video editing software initially faced some pretty harsh criticism. Many videographers saw the new version as a step back, as it lacked a number of important features that they had grown accustomed to. These included multicamera editing and support for RED cameras. Users were also dismayed to learn that they would not be able to import projects from Final Cut Pro 7 without data loss.

Apple stated that the revamped architecture of the new software would not allow for import of projects from older versions. But they quickly promised updates to address a number of other issues, and they’ve finally made good. The major update released on October 23rd adds both multicamera editing and RED camera support, as well as the following features:

  • Multichannel audio editing tools now available in the timeline
  • Dual viewers with video scope displays
  • MXF plug-in support
  • A unified import window for folders and file-based camera systems
  • Chapter marker support
  • The ability to create multiple range selections in a single clip
  • Flexible clip connections that keep clips connected when slipping, sliding and moving
  • Single keystroke adding of freeze frames
  • The ability to choose specific effects to copy and paste between clips
  • Easy to use drop shadow effects
  • Compound clips are saved in the Event Browser for easy reuse
  • XML upgraded to version 1.2 with metadata import and export

Response to these updates has been positive overall. Current users will receive the update at no additional cost, and it will be included with new downloads.
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