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Geeks Union | December 16, 2017

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Countdown to WWDC 2012

Countdown to WWDC 2012

With the WWDC 2012 right around the corner, everyone has go their eyes and ears locked onto Apple and what they’ll be announcing for the lates iOS platforms, as well as the iCloud. Additionally, while the iPhone 5 has been at the forefront of the hardware obsessions, folks are dying to hear what they’ll have to say about their latest Macintosh models. Here’s a few things that we believe you should expect to hear about.

New Macs

The first thing that we’re excited to hear about is the elimination of the annoying reflective glass on the iMac. We’re excited to hear about this, since it tends to be a hassle to deal with on their larger monitors.

Additionally, you should expect to hear about several new Macbook Air, Pro, and Mac Pro models that are going to be announced, and we’re hoping for a new Mac model that has yet to be announced. The best part? The Macbook Pro is going to get even thinner than before.


Obviously, the latest iOS has been on everyone’s mind. The iOS6 will certainly be on the forefront of most Apple users. Apple will finally be developing their own mapping solution, as announced from several resources, but we want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Apple and Facebook are going to be a great partner when Apple reveals their Facebook Integration tools. There aren’t too many leaks as to what this means, but we’re sure that Apple will be giving the social network quite the boost.

Siri is now going to be available for the iPad. While this isn’t the most exciting news, there are those who find her voice incredibly useful, and such an accommodation may provide useful.


Apple obviously let the cat out of the bag on this one a bit, but the iCloud could be an exciting new resource when the latest release is put out there. Photo and video streaming is going to change how people use the iCloud, and greatly enhance how valuable this already amazing feature is.

You’ll also find that there will be new iCloud apps available. These simple tools, like calendar reminders, will allow you to sync your busy schedule up on any device.

We barely scratch the surface here, but we honestly can’t wait to hear what they have to say.



The speculations regarding the announcements to be made in WWDC this year have got me kicked! I am waiting for news about the new iPhone. Speculations about the latest release of iCloud look very promising too.