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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Cobook for Contacts

Cobook for Contacts
Geeks Union

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It is a wonderfully simple, well designed work of art for your iPhone and contacts.

Cobook is developed to substitute Apple’s own Contacts app on your iPhone. You are informed as much right from the start.

But worry not, you are not in any risk of dropping anything if you do choose to try Cobook out. It will ask for access to your contacts on iOS, so that it can transfer all your contacts. So far, so good, and pretty nice looking all round.

Having people’s thumbnail photos next to their names as you scroll through the list is a visual treat, and really does help when you’re seeking out a specific individual.

But Cobook has much more to provide. Let is access your social media accounts (namely Facebook or myspace, Twitter and Linkedin), and it will begin going through your contacts there and taking them in too. Where possible, it will automatically merge people from different places with the same name. his has the effect of pulling in loads of extra data from the social web, and connecting your people to their Twitter accounts. It’s very cool, and very helpful.

That only works if the contacts concerned have the same name, so there’s a manual merge in place as well. From your contacts list, hit Edit, then just tap on the names of contacts you want to merge and hit the button. Even more usefully, there’s an Unlink command too, if you want to separate out a person and their Twitter ID.

Each person’s social activity is all there, in little tabs below their contact card. Everything your buddy or business contact has been posting in each place is easy to read in a tap or two.

Cobook’s visuals are unique. It doesn’t look like standard iOS, but it doesn’t look like anything else, either. It doesn’t borrow from Windows Phone, or from Android. It has its own look, and a particularly nice look it is too.

Perhaps most bizarre of all is that Cobook is free, and isn’t clogged up with iAds or in-app purchase “upgrades” or anything of that sort. It is a wonderfully simple, well designed work of art for your iPhone and contacts.