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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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CleanMyDrive from MacPaw Released Today!

CleanMyDrive from MacPaw Released Today!

New software from MacPaw today CleanMyDrive and free for a limited time!

Maintain your removable drives as easy as never before with CleanMyDrive!

CleanMyDrive cleans up needless service junk generated by Windows or Mac OS (DS_Store, Thumbs.db, Spotlight, hidden trashes and so on). It also helps you to manage your external drives.

Main features:
★ Clean up drives from junk manually or automatically
★ Eject all external drives with one click
★ Access and eject your drives right from the main menu
★ Monitor free space on your drives
★ Works with external HDD, flash drives, DMG files and network volumes

How CleanMyDrive helps you in real life:
★ Cleans those annoying service files that your media player fails to play
★ Erases files from your drives, not just moves them to Trash like Finder
★ Removes thumbs.db and other Windows files that bring no value
★ Ejects all drives at once correctly when you hurry your Mac into sleep mode

CleanMyDrive – a tiny yet powerful utility to take control over your mounted drives!

Kathleen C
Kathleen C

Like most other people, I get so tired of all the junk files and other trash that ends up on my hard drive. My husband is always after me to "fix this," for him, meaning all those pop-ups and unnecessary files on his machines. Maybe I can get him to at least learn to start using like this. I'll check out CleanMyDrive and see. Thanks for the heads up.


It's important to "clean house" in order for your PC to run efficiently.  We can't always tell on our own which programs/extensions are needed and which aren't.  CleanMyDrive sounds like it fits the bill to take care of this matter!