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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Chrome Vega – Small Bag, Big Space

Chrome Vega – Small Bag, Big Space
Geeks Union

The past month or so I have been testing and using the Chrome Vega in my everyday life. I had a dilemma that the Vega filled perfectly. I am on an internship in New York City and have a 40 minute commute from where I am living to where I work. I have an iMac, old white MacBook and an iPad. I was sick of my Crumpler backpack for the commute and went on the search for a small bag, that can be stuffed when needed. That’s where the Chrome Vega comes in!

Chrome says that the Vega is a “utility bag”. I find myself constantly with the bag, opening, closing, stuffing it, emptying it (especially at the airport). All of this is convenient before of the one fold over flap. At first I thought this flap could be a security vulnerability, but after inspecting the strength of the velcro combined with the buckle clips, I came to the conclusion that it would be hard for someone to break into without your knowing about it.

The outside of the Vega has one pocket, which I found extremely usable for newspaper and magazines, while on my commute. The inside of the Vega has a total of 6 pockets; the largest section pocket, iPad specific pocket, zipper closing pocket, pencil/pen slim pocket, and two smaller iPhone sized pockets. You may think that 6 pockets is kinda slim, but that is the point of the bag. The Vega holds a lot! I can put my wallet, iphone, ipod, ipad, several books, external harddrive, few cables and a newspaper and magazine comfortably into the Vega.

If you are looking for a small bag, that holds just enough for a daily commute and have never tried Chrome out, give the Vega a shot! If you know the trusted brand Chrome and are looking for a small bag as well, once again, give the Vega a shot.

I am extremely satisfied with the bag, and give it a two thumbs up!

The Chrome Vega is in the Chrome Bag Store for $80.00 and comes in several different color combinations.


I clicked on this article as I have been looking for a bag to carry around my laptop, camera, e-book reader and iPod (along with books, wallet, etc). Chrome Vega sounds perfect for all my needs, except that $80 is way too much over my budget.