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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Bluetooth Keyboard’s And Apple iPad’s

Bluetooth Keyboard’s And Apple iPad’s

Zagg Solo with Apple iPad

Are you frustrated from trying to type on your iPad’s onscreen/virtual keyboard? It works fine for a few words here or there, but if you’re going to be entering a significant amount of data, it can become impractical. It will simultaneously slow you down, increase your errors, and occupy a large percentage of your display. Well, there’s good news; you can connect an external keyboard to your iPad via Bluetooth.

Apple sells a wireless Bluetooth-equipped keyboard which is perfectly compatible with your iPad. Connecting and disconnecting it involves just a few simple steps. First, make sure your keyboard is turned on and within range of your iPad (33 feet or about 10 meters). Next, verify that the Bluetooth capability of your iPad is also on. To do so, go to “Settings”, select “General” in the left-hand column, then tap on “Bluetooth.” You will see a switch that enables and disables Bluetooth. With both the keyboard and the iPad ready to be paired, press and release the power button on the right end of the keyboard. Your iPad should detect the signal and attempt to connect. When it does, a 4-digit PIN number will appear on your screen. Enter that number on your keyboard to complete the pairing. You can now hide the onscreen keyboard in favor of the Bluetooth keyboard. If you want to call up the onscreen keyboard again, simply press the eject button in the upper right-hand comer of your external keyboard.

To disconnect, you have three main options. The quickest solution is to press and hold the power button on your keyboard until the green light disappears (about three seconds). Alternatively, you can enter your iPad’s settings again and disable Bluetooth. Your third option is to go to the Bluetooth settings on your iPad, find your keyboard in the list of devices available, and tap on the arrow to the right. You will then be able to instruct your iPad to “Forget this Device”. Note that if you use this final option, you will need to enter a new PIN number the next time you wish to connect the keyboard to your iPad.

In case you want a less-expensive option, any Bluetooth enabled keyboard will work. You are not limited to the Apple wireless keyboard. Whichever model you choose, an external keyboard is a wise investment for anyone who uses an iPad for data entry.

As a matter of fact this post was written on a Zagg Keys Solo (review coming soon.)