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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Apple vs. Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung

Samsung certainly is not happy about the recent courtroom ruling that resulted in the Korean smartphone manufacturer owing Apple upwards of $1 billion in damages. Appearing just a little bitter, it appears Samsung is going to attack not just the ruling, but also the people behind it.

Seeking a retrial, Samsung has launched an offensive on the jury from this summer’s blockbuster case, and it doesn’t appear they are going to be nice about it.

In the filing to the court, Samsung hinted that there was jury misconduct because “no reasonable jury” could reached a verdict so overwhelmingly against them, and they were prepared to “subject all of the jurors to extra-judicial scrutiny and public criticism which they may find unwelcome and intrusive” in order to prove it.

Apple responded to the filing, describing Samsung’s claims as “baseless” and that the “jury misconduct motion frivolous on its face.”

Apple also makes the point that Samsung had all of the jury information as far back as July, but is only claiming misconduct now when faced with writing a ten digit check. Cupertino admonishes Samsung for taking cheap shots, pointing out that Samsung’s filings accidentially-on-purpose revealed seemingly unrelated and potentially embarrassing details of the jury foreman’s private life, including a bankruptcy that occurred almost 20 years ago.

Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents has it as “It’s pretty clear that Samsung only took issue with the jury after it received a verdict that it understandably doesn’t like.”

Going after Apple in court is one thing, going after jury members is something else entirely. Sometimes sour grapes really have a bite to them.