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Geeks Union | December 16, 2017

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Apple iPad mini Overview

Geeks Union

The Apple iPad revolutionized tablets in America, and was a major factor in raising tablet’s popularity level to where it’s at today. However some neigh sayers of the iPad complained that at ten inches the iPad is too big, and awkward to hold with one hand. Advocates of this thought process had largely turned to alternative smaller tablets that run Android. When Apple released the iPad mini they officially responded to the small tablet market who had initially ran from the iPad. Many analysts thought the move was silly; however the iPad mini has turned out to be one of the greatest iPads of all time.

The iPad mini’s strength lies in its sleek, light weight, convenient, and comfortable design. The iPad mini’s display is only 7.9 inches and quite easy to control with one hand. In addition the iPad mini is one of the smallest, lightest tablets ever created measuring an outstanding .68 pounds in weight and 7.2 millimeters in thickness, the iPad mini is a fraction of the size of the original iPad and can still run all of the same apps, and has the same lightning fast computing speed. The iPad mini is one of the first tablets that’s designed to be easily brought anywhere, and its computing power definitely out shines competing tablets of similar size.

The only real down side of the iPad mini is that its technical specifications are not as great as those of the current iPad 4th generation. While still providing lighting quick computing times the iPad mini is slightly slower than the iPad 3rd generation. The technical specifications of the iPad mini have often been compared to those of the iPad 2nd generation. The iPad mini boasts a dual core A5 processor and 512 megabytes of RAM, just like the iPad 2nd Generation. The iPad mini also lacks the high definition retina display featured by the iPad 3rd generation. The resolution of the iPad mini is only 1024 by 768 pixels, however the screen still provides bright vibrant images and it’s hard to notice when preforming more mundane actions, like checking Twitter, that are commonly associated with the iPad mini.

In a lot of ways the iPad mini ultimately symbolizes a tradeoff for tablet owners. While the iPad mini doesn’t offer the sophisticated technical specifications or HD display of the iPad 3rd generation, the size reduction definitely makes the iPad mini the most convenient tablet ever. The iPad mini is the golden standard for convenience and comfort in tablets, and its small size make it much more to control and use than a standard iPad.