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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Apple Buy’s Italian Startup Redmatica

Apple Buy’s Italian Startup Redmatica

According to reports coming from Italian blog Fanpage (via TechCrunch), Apple just bought Italian startup Redmatica, a company that creates software to enhance the capabilities of popular audio sampler software such as the EXS24 used in Apple’s Logic Pro recording suite. The proof apparently comes via documents from local regulator AGCOM obtained by the blog.

Apple has not yet confirmed it acquired the company, but if true it looks like Logic Pro could be getting some powerful and easy sound design tools in the near future. Among the highlights of the company’s tech that Logic and GarageBand could certainly benefit from include slick drag and drop management of sampler instruments and full AU plug in support directly in the synthesis signal chain. Another thing we can imagine Apple is probably interested in is the new Escher, Penrose and Moebius Machines, which allow for realtime detailed and sample specific gain control for every aspect of your sampled loops, and none of the gain control is destructive. The company also has its GBSamplerManager designed for managing instruments on Mac for GarageBand on iOS.

According to Fanpage Radmatica had income of just €26,000 on €100,000 in yearly revenue.

Just last night, Tim Cook said that Apple does not acknowledge all of their acquisitions.


I would expect Apple to come out with some awesome new apps soon, then.  It would be nice if the audio with our videos could be as nice and clear as the images usually are.  I hope the rumors turn out to be true as audio tools would be super helpful.