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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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App Store Deals of the Week!

App Store Deals of the Week!

Check out this weeks deals from the Mac App Store, including controlling your iTunes or Spotify with gestures and a note taking app that sits in your menu bar.

Flutter is a small app that lets  you control Spotify, iTunes, QuickTime and VLC using hand gestures with your Mac’s built-in webcam. A simple gesture is all it takes to play/pause these applications. Bot Square Inc, Flutter developer, is adding more gestures, but be sure to catch this app while it’s free!

Flutter – Mac App Store Mini is a small utility that sits in the menu bar. Built for the app allows you to focus on what’s important day-by-day. You can sign up for a free account with and use mini to edit and view your notes and memos wherever you are. Mini – Mac App Store

Scrawl is a small, but powerfully useful app. Scrawl sits in your menu bar and allows you to take small notes, similar to Stickies, except that it is always unobtrusively in the menu bar. Though there is no iPhone or iPad app, Scrawl does use iCloud to back up and sync your notes across all Macs that it is installed onto.

Scrawl – Mac App Store

Pentaballs HD is a fun little game that is free for right now. The aim of Pentaballs HD is to stop your opponent from forming a line of 5 marbles by blocking them and twisting one of the four game blocks. The game supports play against computers or other humans in the room. Simple, yet addictive, this game should take up quite a bit of time, don’t miss it!

Pentaballs HD – Mac App Store

Kathleen C
Kathleen C

I played on a friend's device last week. Pentaballs can keep you busy for the longest time without getting bored. Even my niece, who gets bored really quickly, lasted over an hour on this game.


Pentaballs HD is awesome. I downloaded it and have been playing for about an hour. Awesome deals too - I love the .99 cent App deals that you keep listing. Why pay full price ever?