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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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App News This Week

App News This Week

All has been quiet on the western front of the App store this week, but we’ve managed to dig up a few goodies!

1-2picsAlfred received a major update, bringing a wealth of new features as well as some tweaks and bug fixes. It is available either via an automatic update through the app itself or via a manual download from the developer’s website.

The new version of Alfred brings quick and easy access to bookmarks in 1Password (be enabled in Alfred’s settings), which can be brought up by typing “1p” then the name of the bookmark, large type with the optional Powerpack plug-in (enabled by hitting Command + L) and two new themes: Dark & Smooth and Pistachio.

There are also a few new hotkeys in version 1.2, a new file searching algorithm and a tonne of bug fixes. For the full change log, head over to Alfred’s website but otherwise go ahead and grab the update!


Updates for Mountain Lion DP3 and 10.7.4 released

Apple has released a slight update to the Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3, hinting that the final “gold” version might be just around the corner (with a release more than likely at the upcoming WWDC in June). Although the full list of changes is currently unknown, one of the more interesting features is a “Do Not Disturb” setting for the new Notification Center, allowing users to work in peace without intrusive notifications.

New versions of Lion (version 10.7.4) and Xcode (version 4.4) were also released to registered developers, further hinting at an immediate Mountain Lion official release.


Amazon Cloud Drive released for Mac

Not wanting to be outdone by last week’s announcement of Google Drive, Amazon has released a Mac (and Windows) client for its cloud-based storage service, originally named “Amazon Cloud”, which is available for download from their website.


Until now, Amazon Cloud was only available as a web version with users having to log on to manage files, however the new client allows users to upload files directly from their desktop without having to log on. You’ll still need to use the web version to browse files stored online and there is currently no way to keep Cloud synchronized with a folder on your desktop, meaning that Amazon Cloud isn’t ready to take on the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. Not yet anyway.


That’s all folks! Have a great time playing with the news app!