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Geeks Union | November 21, 2017

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite vs. Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite vs. Fire HD
Geeks Union

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G – $119

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is the latest rage sweeping the eReader families of technology. The Paperwhite 3G has more pixels and sharper visuals than any reader on the market. There is a built in resilient light that will illuminate the words right off the screen, even in bright sunlight. You will be able to adjust the lighting to fit your surroundings to give you the perfect reading experience.

The battery life in this Kindle will last and last. You can give it a single charge and it will run for 8 weeks or more. Even leaving the lit screen on, you will still be able to prolong battery use. The Paperwhite 3G has 6 elegant fonts with 8 sizes that are adjustable for a better visual experience. You are able to store over one-thousand full books to carry while you travel or relaxing in your backyard hammock. Kindle gives you the simplicity of clarity through your reading enjoyment.

The Kindle Fire HD – $199

The Kindle Fire HD with Wi-fi is solid and built for that individual who is always on the go. Made with a larger display and a screen that gives you an HD experience you won’t forget. Deep details and a higher contrast for photos and videos. This tablet will give you an incredible sound with the best audio for speakers and headphones. Kindle gives you more storage to handle your largest files with sound. Fire HD also has stereo bluetooth support and streaming audio to give you a phenomenal quality experience. Enjoy your favorite tv shows, movies and music, the capabilities are endless.

Kindle Fire comes with Amazon Silk to browse the internet and a cloud gallery to view each downloaded page clearly. The Kindle Fire also comes “Facebook” ready, so while you’re on the go you’ll always be able to check family and friends status’. With Microsoft integration for email, personal documents, contacts,calendar and events for continuous updates so you won’t miss any appointments.

There are five antennas for significant optimum performance while traveling or while you’re in a remote location. The Kindle Fire comes in an 8.9 inch and 7.0 displays, wider and fuller for movie enjoyment. There is an advanced polarizing filter that enhances the LCD screen to correct any contrast or color visuals. All angles are perfectly centered so there are no visuals cut short from the screen.

Kindle’s family of eReaders bring the best performances available in technology. Your reading, movie and music experience will only become better with Kindle. Check out the entire family of Kindle for the one that fits your need.