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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion
Geeks Union

Many people consider installing a new operating system as a thing that is full of hassle. Therefore they only tend to move to another operating system under strong reasons. However, this has not been a big issue for the Apple’s new operating system. It has been titled as ‘Mountain Lion’ and it offers some great features to the users. Therefore, many people have upgraded their operating system to the new version to enjoy the latest benefits.

Mountain Lion is easy to install through the Mac App Store. The installation process will take care of all the traditional things that you have to do after installing a new operating system. The price you will have to pay for the upgrade is only $19.99, so any person can afford it. Mountain Lion brings some new features to the computers that can be seen in iPhones and iPads.

Many Apple users tend to install a new Internet browser in their computer after installing a new operating system. However, you will not have to do that after installing Mountain Lion. The new version of Safari feels faster than Google chrome and it has some additional features for the convenience of users. Users are given the opportunity to log into their favorite social media networks with just a single click. Users can also synchronize the content in their iPhone and iPad and they can view all the content through new Safari.

They have upgraded the messaging systems in Mountain Lion and users can manage their messages with less hassle. The integrated notification system allows the users to keep a track of all their notifications in a convenient way. Apple has mentioned that they have upgraded the cloud services and iCloud is integrated into the heart of the operating system. When you install the new operating system, it will ask you to log into your iCloud account. After you log in, it will automatically synchronize everything in your iCloud account including notes, reminders, e-mails, messages and so on. The new operating system is ideal for you, if you have more than one Apple product. It will build relationships with the other Apple accessories for your convenience.

The integrated sharing facility of Mountain Lion will help you to share the things you want automatically. Applications like Safari and iPhoto will help you for that and they will share them in the leading social media networks according to your requirements. The dictation process is fascinating and it writes the words just like you speak. Even though Mountain Lion offer so many unique features, you will not find any difficulties when getting adapted to the new environment. Maximum stability is provided for all the applications by the operating system.

Therefore Mountain Lion can be considered as another great operating system released by Apple in order to fascinate their customers. The new features are exciting and they help a lot for the people. All these things are available for a few dollars, so it is totally worth to give a try.

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