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Geeks Union | December 11, 2017

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There are apps that are bundles of features, and then there are apps that try to figure out how to make life easier. They try to hide technology and UI chrome as far as possible, and instead focus on the information. CalendarBar is one of those apps.

Clean Cut Code, the guys who make DisplayPad and Cloud Calendar (and the original creators of Eventbox), are here with a splendid menubar utility for displaying upcoming events. Unlike other utilities which tie into a single service, CalendarBar merges iCal, Google Calendar, and Facebook events into one coherent organic list. My dad, who uses only iCal for his events, has been using CalendarBar and that’s the way he checks his events now. My one complaint, and I don’t know how they shipped the app like this: the icon for any iCal event is dated 17th (which the guys have assured me will be fixed soon). CalendarBar shouldn’t be mistaken for a event entry app however, as it can only display events, not manipulating them. And that’s fine for its intended purpose.

I should also point out that the screenshot below is actually its icon in full resolution (the app icon, not the menubar icon). It’s slightly different from the actual UI which has some buttons at the bottom and no digital noise, but I didn’t want to take the trouble creating fake events for a real screenshot; being the sole attendee at my facebook party will not bode well for my social status. One one hand it’s a ridiculous icon, but on the other it’s probably resources saved on something you’ll never see of this app. Still, people buy apps looking icons and this one looks like an afterthought.

CalendarBar costs just $1.99 on the Mac App Store, and is a great app for anyone who uses time based events to organise their schedule.



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